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Bridge Film

Bridge is a short film about failure, fate and the power of suggestion.

Production Still

Bridge: A Short FilmSometimes life won’t let you fall.

Bridge is a pitch black comedy that examines failure and fate. An aging dancer at the end of her rope decides to cut her time short, but her plans are disrupted by a disturbing turn of events. A strange vagrant and a mysterious photograph bring her face-to-face with her choices.




Smoking on Bridge
  • Written & Produced By: Callie Peck & Danny Dwyer
  • DirectorDanny Dwyer
  • Production Designer: Callie Peck
  • Director of PhotographyFrank Sun
  • Cast: Danielle Slavick, Brian Mendes, Nate Fish
  • Set Design: Callie Peck & Elaine Chung