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SLS Hotels

Aida and Leva Aniulyte for SLS Hotels

SLS Hotels
Same DNA.
Different Personality.

SLS Hotels needed a campaign to coincide with the opening of their newest property in Miami's Brickell district. To personify the two sides of the brand, we worked with twin models Aida and Leva Aniulyte and Travis and Troy Cannata.


SLS South Beach
SLS Beverly Hills
SLS Brand Ad in Situ
SLS Brand
SLS Brand
  • Photographer: Standa Merhout
  • Models: Aida Aniulyte, Leva Aniulyte, Travis Cannata, Troy Cannata
  • Stylist: Brylie Fowler
  • Hair: Matthew Tuozzoli
  • Makeup: Hiro Yonemoto
  • Set Design: RND Studios
  • Copywriter: Erin Schroeter